Morning Worship

Please join us for morning worship, which meets each week at 11 AM. We are studying the book of Acts, which shows us the ongoing work of the resurrected Jesus from heaven through His Spirit-empowered church.

Evening Worship

Please join us for evening worship, which meets each week at 6 PM (except on second Sundays of the month, when we start at 2:30 PM). As we gather to praise God and listen to His Word, we are currently studying II Corinthians, in which the Apostle Paul teaches us how to see life and other people through the lens of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Summer Sunday School

Our exciting Summer Sunday School class will study John Bunyan's classic allegory of the Christian life, The Pilgrim's Progress. Written over 300 years ago, this story is still extremely relevant and informative, as it combines biblical truth with honest Christian experience to prepare us for the joys and struggles of making our way towards God and glory.

This year the class will include students from middle school to adults. Special effort will be made to bring the vividness of Bunyan's work to our attention in memorable and applicable ways.

At Covenant Presbyterian Church, "Christ at the Center" is not simply a motto, it's the goal of everything we do.

Jesus is at the center of the Bible's message about God and His love towards His people. Jesus is at the center of how God has done away with our sin and will deliver us from sin's consequence of death. Jesus is at the center of the Church's preaching and teaching. Jesus is at the center of true worship. Jesus is at the center of a new and increasingly transformed life. Jesus is at the center of our every hope for today and for eternity to come. Jesus is at the center of all lasting joy.

Who is Jesus to have such an important place?

Jesus is the eternal Son of God. He created us and takes care of us. He became man and died for His people's sins on the cross. He defeated death by rising from the grave, and is even now preparing an everlasting home with the Heavenly Father for those who love Him. He gives us His Word and Holy Spirit so we can come to Him in faith and live totally devoted to Him. He puts us in His Church to share the joys and struggles of our lives with others. He equips leaders to help us in our faith. He saved us from sin and death to praise Him forever. Because He is who He is, knowing Him is the greatest joy conceivable.

Come, join us, as together we celebrate
Christ at the center of life.